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So I have been watching an old favourite cartoon of mine called Biker Mice From Mars. Been having a lot of fun and realising that kid me had really good taste when it came to cartoons (also realised where I got my love of rock from).

Well a few days ago I found a tribute video someone did to the Biker Mice. Link to the video is below.

I am not ashamed to admit it did get to me a bit and I did cry a little but it's still a pretty good video. Definitely sums up those three perfectly and what that cartoon means to me (and to all the fans out there).

Also for anyone that's interested or who is also a fan of the Bros, here's a link to a You Tube channel that has the best videos for the cartoons. It isn't updated regularly but there are videos in English and they're the best you can get on the internet. That and the archive is mostly complete.

Definitely my favourite place to watch Biker Mice From Mars.

And I could go on about these guys a lot but I won't.

However I will say this: Ride Free Biker Mice From Mars! May you three continue to inspire kids to be rebels and think for themselves.


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